ApiMote v4beta Released: A IEEE 802.15.4 Sniffing/Injection Interface

September 1, 2014

We have announced the ApiMote v4beta design and released it as open-source hardware at the TROOPERS14 security conference. This hardware was designed specifically with security researchers and assessors in mind, and is supported by the KillerBee software toolkit and GoodFET. We believe it offers unique capabilities unfulfilled by other interfaces currently available.

If you want to use this board, you can build it based on the open-source design files or obtain a pre-built, tested, and programmed one from us.

You can read about it on our ApiMote page or review our original presentation. The KillerBee code is available to use it, and the firmware support is included there if you just want to use the pre-compiled firmware. If you wish to build or update the firmware, that is handled within the GoodFET repository.