We provide comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for clients ranging from leading internet service providers and utility companies to medical device companies, IoT manufacturers, law firms, and investment firms. We offer advisory input, deep technical engineering, automated tooling, and custom security engineering solutions.

We excel at solving problems, ranging from tactical to strategic, and are available for rapid turnaround solutions. Please contact us so we can discuss your needs.

We work in markets including:

Consumer IoT Devices

With thousands of new devices coming online every day, we help product engineers and manufacturers architect secure devices, perform in-depth testing, and integrate DevSecOps into R&D processes, all without slowing time to market.

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Industrial IoT and Critical Infrastructure Security

If not protected, breaches in industrial systems and critical infrastructure can have wide-ranging consequences. We get ahead of these risks by securely designing and performing in-depth testing of industrial IoT and critical infrastructure.

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Supply Chain Security

With increasingly complex electronics supply chains, assurance of security throughout production and delivery is key. We analyze and improve supply chain security assurance.

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Medical Devices

With threats growing and regulations getting tougher, we help get ahead of medical device security issues through deep understanding of regulations, technical design options, and cybersecurity threats.

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R&D and DevSecOps

It is no longer enough just to test for security after development. Security needs to be a critical part of every R&D operation. Our solutions automate the discovery of IoT vulnerabilities during development and continue to automatically monitor for threats after deployment.

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Strategic Advisory

For M&A or other critical business transactions, security is now a critical part of due diligence. We provide technically-backed advisory services for complex transactions.

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