KillerBee 2.0

KillerBee software is intended for students, researchers, engineers, and security professionals to use for evaluating the security of IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee systems. River Loop is a leader in IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee security research and penetration testing, and is proud to contribute to the open-source and security community through the continued development of KillerBee along with other contributors.

We also have previously published some additional tools for ZigBee and 802.15.4 security auditing.


Read the instructions in the KillerBee repository or in the usage information of each tool for additional information.

Source Code

For source code and usage instructions:

git clone

The code is compatible and tested with with Python 2.7.


What’s New?

The 2.0 release adds numerous features over the 1.0 release, including support for different interfaces (ApiMote, TelosB, CC2531, etc) in addition to the Atmel RZUSBSTICK. Also, support for feeding directly to Wireshark using zbwireshark and many other attack tools have been added.