Scapy dot15d4

Scapy dot15d4 is a IEEE 802.15.4 dissection/construction layer for the popular Scapy packet manipulation framework. Others have joined in to extend this to make it a leading tool for evaluating the security of IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee systems.

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Hardware Security Training Talks: IEEE 802.15.4 Overview and TumbleRF Fuzzing

In this talk, we shared with the assembled group of hardware security professionals and students an introduction to IEEE 802.15.4 security and showed a few basic attacks, an intermediate attack, and then two examples of advanced techniques and research.

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Troopers 18: Unifying RF Fuzzing Techniques under a Common API: TumbleRF

While fuzzing is known to be a powerful mechanism for fingerprinting and enumerating bugs within hardware and software systems, the application of this technique to wireless systems remains nontrivial due to fragmented and siloed tools. In this talk, we covered wireless fuzzing fundamentals and introduce a new tool to unify the approach across protocols, radios, and drivers and released a new open-source tool to assist.

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