IEEE PAINE 2020: Decoding & Defending the Trusted Platform Module Against Malicious Hardware Implants

River Loop Security’s team members presented at IEEE International Conference on Physical Assurance and Inspection of Electronics (PAINE). The presentation provided a background on hardware implants, secure boot, and background on the Trusted Platform Module (TPM). We then focused on explaining and demonstrating our team’s work developing an TPM interposer and decoder. It concluded in discussing defending agaisnt malicious hardware implants.

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River Loop Security team members invited to speak at DARPA’s 2019 Electronics Resurgence Initiative Summit

River Loop Security’s team members were invited to provide the opening presentation at DARPA’s 2019 Electronics Resurgence Initiative (ERI)1 Summit Workshop on “Security: From Chip to Board”. Ryan Speers, Partner at River Loop Security, and Sophia d’Antoine, Program Analysis Lead at River Loop Security, will be presenting “Supply Chain Security at the Hardware Level”. DARPA’s Microsystems Technology Office is hosting the 2019 ERI Summit to highlight advances in electronics for semiconductor designers, manufacturers, and a broad electronics user base across industries including automotive, telecommunications, and defense.

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River Loop Security Presents Interactive Workshop at Energy Industry Security Event

River Loop Security taught an interactive seminar at the CREDC Summer Symposium on June 25th, 2019 in St. Charles, IL.1 Ryan Speers, a Partner with the team, provided attendees an introduction to security assessments on IEEE 802.15.4 and other related protocols like ZigBee. River Loop has done numerous such engagements and maintains KillerBee, the most widely used open-source tool for conducting penetration tests and research on these protocols. Attendees at the symposium included utility operators, industry or academic researchers, and government regulators.

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